Welcome to the newly designed Nirvana by Installments. Richard was on another adventure to the great Subcontinent for 2017. The first part of his journey was in Rishikesh where he joined a multitude of devotees for Mooji’s satsangs. The latter part of the trip was shuffling back and forth between the stifling heat of Delhi, and the cooler climes of the Himalayas. He returned home in mid-April.


First stop: Delhi at 5:00 am. From morning to morning, the same morning! Having a seat next to the emergency exit for the long haul was a blessing, but the final flight from Beijing was truly an awful experience, enough to make Delhi look like heaven. Despite a map and directions, it took some time for the taxi driver to find the address of my hosts. And so begins two days of feasting, along with an enormous wedding and an almost as large retirement party. All in the family!



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