Anticipation The Opposite of Cipation

02 Aug 2009 ::

What ever could be wrong with where we are right now? Well, for one thing, it is cold and damp. For another, it is damp and cold. There are mounds of white, fat water and ice, not even nice but sullen and dirty, with toxic smears of traffic. Uuug. We are determined not to be here this winter.

Follow the yellow brick road to warmer climes, and sweat, and dung, and throngs, and colour, a panic of colours. Richard has been to India many times. I lose count. But I have never been. It is a photographer’s paradise. I have seen so many photos of India from many different people and many different cameras that I am almost convinced it is difficult to take bad photos in India. Almost.

My favourite documentary is “The Story of India”. The images are stunning. The narrator is clearly in love with the country, it’s history, it’s people. Vicariously, I too love India. It’s time to get the real experience.