Aurovillian To Be? AKA: We Are Fed Up With Winter

14 Apr 2013 ::

I have a distinct memory of Auroville in my teens. Somewhere, I saw an image or map of what Auroville would look like in its distant future. The shape of the development was transfixing. Years later, and we are now seriously preparing for the next step: living in Auroville for a three-month period to see if it suits us, and we suit them. Our last visit there was truly remarkable. When this community began, there were few trees standing. Now it’s covered in forest.

Of course, we will stay elsewhere once our three months is over, or before we get to Auroville. I haven’t been to Calcutta, and it’s Richard’s favourite Indian city. We have a chance to catch up with Dr. Gupta who is heading a massive project to build a hospital for the poor with cancer. I look forward to meeting this amazing man, and using my best efforts to help him.

There’s much to be done between then and now. Preparations, plus finding a house/cat sitter.

Stay tuned.