Instant Summer… Is Gonna Knock You Off Your Feet!

14 Sep 2013 ::

“The future’s uncertain and the end is almost near.” We have our visas, our vaccines, and air tickets. We are busy dotting and crossing the details.

We have reserved a hotel in Delhi. Since most flights from the West arrive in the wee hours of the mornings, we found a rather nice place that will also pick us up and take us to our beds. It is Richard’s attempt to make up for our dismal arrival in Chennai five years ago! We won’t elaborate.

We arrive in time to celebrate Navaratri, a nine-day festival celebrating the Mother Goddess in all her manifestations. The festival starts October 4. Apparently, the days are for fasting and worship, while the nights are for feasting and dancing. This seems like a sensible way to reserve one’s energies for the Dionysian indulgences to follow. Prostrate before the divine femme until you’ve enough juice to jiggle with spiritual bliss. Hmmmm. Sounds a little like Mardi Gras, or Carnival in Brazil.

On the 10th day, there is Dussehra, the victory of good over evil. Delhi hosts numerous events called Ramlila plays. I’m not certain if we will stay in Delhi long enough to attend one, but that will depend on a number of options. We’ve purposefully left our days before Auroville unplanned. We will go where the universe directs us to go. This is part of the grand adventure. And Navaratri is celebrated across India, so we will find lots of venues to check out.