The Suspects

Our Rap Sheets

Richard has had many run-ins with India. Eight times? Nine? We’ve lost count. India hasn’t. No chain nor winter incarceration can keep Richard away. When the ice clings to the tip of his nose, he is yearning for the warmth of India. Despite all his experiences travelling the great subcontinent, he can still be surprised, alarmed, irritated and delighted by his encounters. Sometimes he can find where the least mite-infested beds are; where the best road-side stalls are; where the trains actually go; and when the trains actually go. Sometimes not. Yet, somehow, grace steps in and shows him the way. This in not a travelogue on the best of India. It is an experiential tale of one who returns to the panic of India to remember that we are never in control.

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In 2010 Jonesie had no record. Not in India. She was a newbie; an innocent. What concerned her on that first trip to the great Subcontinent is the probable lack of coffee. She thought of taking a secret stash, but then decided that carrying around a kettle, a coffee grinder, a filter holder, a 3-month supply of paper filters and a 3-month supply of coffee beans would pretty much fill her luggage. Could chai curb the addiction? Would she suffer massive withdrawal? Once in India, all these concerns fell into insignificance.

In 2013 Jonesie returned to India for her second journey. The mind thankfully forgets just how it really was. Like it does for giving birth. If women could fully relive the event, they wouldn’t have more than one pregnancy. India is like that. Jonesie elected to remain in Vancouver for 2017, and live through the gloomiest spring on record. Mooji videos mitigated that trauma.